Monday, 21 February 2011

Patrols in the Sudan continued

I was given a £30 Peter Pig voucher by my sister for my birthday and have been holding on to it since January, but have decided to use it to re-vitalise my PITS forces for 2011. I have already got the British Heliograph and Screw Gun sets, so any  more infantry would be a bit over the top. However, I have no Anglo Egyptian cavalry or camelry, so one or the other seemed like a good option.

In PITS you can field either an infantry force or a mounted one for the Anglo Egyptians, which seems a bit odd but there you go. The latter units need both mounted and dismounted bases, together with casualties, horseholders and so on, which makes them pretty expensive, especially as they aren't great in terms of points values.

As a result, I've had to pull out all the stops to build a force that totals the required 360 points, but I think I've done it for around £30, with the voucher taking the other half of the financial strain. The cavalry force I've number crunched will consist of the following:

1 x  Veterans - 4 bases (swords / carbines) + 1 sergeant base + 1 officer base.
2 x  Veterans - 4 bases (make do lances / carbines) + 1 sergeant base + 1 officer base.
2 x Average Mounted Scout bases.

This equates to a total points value of 358.

It doesn't sound like much but, with the various mounted and dismounted versions plus the horseholders, it's actually a shedload of figures to be painted, when and if I get around to it. I think at least one infantry force will need to be sorted beforehand but it will be interesting to try out the cavalry as an alternative in game terms.

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