Monday, 9 May 2011

Back of Beyond Expedition [15]

The White Russians are nearing completion and look almost finished, give or take a bit of tidying up. I finished painting the puttees in Foundry Rawhide this evening before painting the shoes in three stages of Foundry Bay Brown. I started late but I'm quite pleased to have covered up most of the black undercoat in these two stages.

I also drybrushed Foundry Charcoal Black in two layers over the big furry hats, followed by a light dusting of Arctic Grey Shade. I'm babysitting tomorrow evening but hope to get the other furry hats sorted, along with the satchels, uniform buttons and buckles. If I have time, I'll try do the fiddly bits inclusing the hair and eyes.

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  1. They tend to blur in the little picture but clicking on it you can see what an excellent job you've done!