Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mission To Tashkent

I finished painting the White Russian uniforms in three stages of Foundry Cadaverous Green last night. Now that they're done, I've been having second thoughts about the greatcoat figures, which I've painted up in the same uniform colour. I think I really should have painted them in grey or perhaps very light brown. In fact, I may re-paint the four figures in greatcoats when I get home tonight, together with the rolled coats on the other figures.

I've also set up a game of The Rules With No Name for the end of the month at the club. I'm looking forward to trying out the rules and working out how they tick. I've also been reading Mission To Tashkent which is excellent, although I'm familiar with Colonel Bailey's various 'derring do' adventures from Peter Hopkirk's book Setting the East Ablaze. All good stuff!


  1. Hi Jim, Foundry Slate or Stone triads give a pretty good grey greatcoat!