Friday, 27 May 2011

From the Delta to the DMZ

In light of my recent ramblings about Vietnam in 15mm, I thought I'd highlight the fact that this rather good set rules have been re-published and are now available as a download. They're a bit like a cross between the Too Fat Lardies card based rules and the sort of thing that Peter Pig / RFCM  produce, although less innovative in the mechanisms that they use. They also use the same basing as Peter Pig's Men of Company B, with individual command figures being the only exception.

I haven't used them but have owned a copy for a couple of years now and have meant to give them a try out. I like the sensible and clear way that they're written in particular, with very little in the way of complication but with plenty of detail. They cover just about everything you'd expect in a Vietnam set of rules including air strikes, helicopter air mobile landings, ambushes, tunnels, night fighting and riverine actions.

They may not be as visually appealling as other rules but if you value playabilty over flashy production, you'll not regret getting hold of a copy.


  1. A good set of rules (if you can find a copy) is Greg McCauley's "Buckle for your Dust" published by Paddy Griffith about 15 years ago.

  2. I've bought these rules (the publishing rights that is) and I'm in the process of re-artworking it throughout. So maybe soon playability and nice (not flashy) design, too.
    Tim - Gomi Designs.