Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Charlie Don't Surf

I discovered another reason to explain why I originally shelved the Charlie Don't Surf option today. I ran a few calculations on the number of 15mm figures I'd need for a USMC company and a PAVN company sized force, based on the Semper Fi scenario in Surf's Up.

These came out at a whopping 146 figures for the Marines and a slightly less whopping 96 figures for the North Vietnamese. All in all that's nearly 250 figures to base and paint up, without even thinking about the extra support bits and bobs.


I suppose I could start on a small scale with one or two platoons a side, say 30 to 50 figures each, but that somehow seems to be missing the point. It would take me ages to paint up the full on company sized forces, assuming I've got enough figures to cover them in the first place, but it's not outside the realms of possibility.

 I think I'll need to sit down a think about it a bit more to see how feasible it will be to go ahead with CDS, as opposed to just sticking with DMZ or The Men of Company B. In the meantime, I'll probably just focus on the Indochina French and Vietminh skirmish level option for Force on Force, which I will only need a fraction of the figures that CDS requires.

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  1. I've just got a copy of Charlie Don't surf and my initial reaction was the same as yours. However, it occurs to me that as the firing is by unit you could just halve the number of figures and count each figure as two men using a wound marker to signify an uneaven number of casualties. units of 4-6 figures with some single mg gunners etc would be easier to manipulate on the table too.