Thursday, 19 May 2011

Band of Brigands

I finished reading Mission To Tashkent the other day and it was well worth it. It's an amazing story and full of background for Back of Beyond campaign gaming or just skirmish level actions. I've now picked up a copy of Band of Brigands by Christy Campbell that I've had sitting on the bookshelf for a few months and haven't got round to reading.

I read the first chapter last night and found myself unable to put it down. The author is an erstwhile journalist for the Daily Telegraph and his narrative style is a cross between Richard Holmes and From Our Own Correspondent. I think this will be a very rewarding read and may even inspire some WW1 Through The Mud and Blood possibilities?


  1. Jim,

    It's a really excellent read, very enjoyable and some great descriptions of tanks in action. It's one of a wave of new books about the earliest tanks which have come out over the past couple of years, all of which have been excellent.

  2. I've been meaning to read this for a while (I've got a copy somewhere). My grandfather was in tanks at Cambrai and subsequently 'advised' the Whites in Russia (in Whippets, apparently) so this has a personal significance for me.