Monday, 23 May 2011

Iron Cow and Near Future Stuff

I've been looking ahead to the end of the week and the up and coming half term holidays. I will have finished all the figures for the Back of Beyond by then leaving the vehicles to be painted and based, which shouldn't be a big job as they only need to be drybrushed to look the part. As a result, I'm planning to make the June project something a bit different.

We're off to Cornwall for the week so I'm going to take my box of Brigade 6mm Iron Cow ONESS AFV's and figures with me to base and paint in the evenings. I've been itching to get started on these and should be able to knock them out fairly quickly using a minimalist painting plan. I might even finish them in the five days I have to paint them up, leaving the rest of June free for more Sci Fi related stuff.

With this in mind, I couldn't resist splashing out on a resin AFV for my long planned 28mm Near Future French Foreign Legion project, in the form of a Karbadin 6x6 IFV from Antenociti's Workshop. I had planned to use Old Crow vehicles for this project but when I saw it advertised on TMP I thought it would be worth the price tag.

With a little imagination there could be a 6x6 Saviem VAB underneath all the ceramic armour and hi tech stuff, so it fits the project very nicely. If I can squeeze the time out of the schedule next month, I'll start on the Future FFL using the EM4 and Copplestone troopers that I already have, alongside their nice new APC. I'm only planning to do a squad or two as it will be a skirmish level set up, using Future Wars or even Force on Force.

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