Sunday, 22 May 2011

Crimson Fists

My eldest has been badgering me to help him paint up his space marines for ages, so today I spent a couple of hours on five figures that he decided were going to be Crimson Fists, whatever that means. We had a picture in his space marines codex thingy to use as a reference but it was all a bit made up as we went along, using the paints he had in his boxed set together with a few extra shades from my collection.

Alex did most of the drybrushing work while I concentrated on the fiddly bits and details. I think they came out quite well, especially as we knocked them out in the space of a short afternoon using what we had available. The hardest bit was getting the decals to sit on the curved shoulder pads. I had to trim them down and slap on loads of decal fix to get them to settle but they behave themselves in the end with a little persuasion.

I quite enjoyed this little diversion from the usual but I don't think I'll be taking up Warhammer 40K at any point in the future.


  1. Well you do bounce around from project to project don't you! But your output is still 10 time mine though :-)

    Great figs and most importantly quality together time. I did something similar with my Lad and his Salamanders a year or two back

  2. It's probably die to my 'oooh shiny' complex?

    It was fun painting them together and something I'll definately continue.