Saturday, 26 May 2012

AK47 Amphibious Assault Game?

With all the nice weather here in UK at the moment, my mind has been wandering onto things to do now that the Summer seems to have finally arrived. When I've finished the last few gladiators this weekend, ready for the game on Tuesday, I'll probably start on the Normandy Firefight project, which I can use the half term holiday to crack on with.

However, thinking ahead, I've also been lining up some actual games for June and July, before I shoot off to France again at the end of term. I'd still like to have another crack at Bag The Hun 2, which has languished a bit due to lack of takers at the club. I'd also be keen to try out my AK47 amphibious forces that I put together last year but never actually got around to using.

I'll have a chat with the guys at the club next week and see if anyone's interested. As I can supply both a dictatorship and a colonial settlers army, it shouldn't be difficult to set something up, especially if I use the club hexon terrain for the shoreline and land features. Anyway, to whet your appetite, here are some photos of the assembled amphibious rust bucket assault force.

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  1. Those are rather wonderful looking models; love the sub and the fast patrol boat!