Thursday, 17 May 2012

Warhammer Gladiator Game

I've set up a game at the club to try out the Warhammer Gladiator rules and scenarios in a couple of weeks time. This means that I'll need to finish off the light gladiatiors, a couple of beasties and scratchbuild some arena obstacles for them to fight over.

I've offered to provide a 20'' x 30'' arena board to play out the games on, so I'll be up to Homebase at the weekend to get some 20mm mdf cut to size. This will be coated in a good layer of PVA and then covered in fine sand, before getting an overall spray and drybrush in suitably sandy colours.

I've also fixed the camera and have taken some less grungy pictures of the gladiators that I finished the other day. To finish off, I started painting up the big scary bear, following the guidelines in the Gladiator rulebook by drybrushing over a basecoat of black using GW Brown shades. I think it's looking promising?


  1. They look great, the wash did his work here...exelent!

  2. Looks good. I'l be interested to hear how yiou find Warhammer Gladiator. I'd be tempted in 15mm. But what will you do about spectators in your arena?