Thursday, 31 May 2012

We're all going on a...SAGA Holiday.

It's half term next week and, for a change, we're not going anywhere as the boys have cub camp to go to and there's quite a lot of work needed on the house and garden. This means that I'll have some time during the day and in the evening to get a project off the ground and, possibly, completed by the end of the holiday.

I've decided to have a crack at a warband for SAGA for the following reasons:

1. I already have loads of Foundry Vikings, Crusader Normans and Gripping Beast Anglo Saxons.
2. I have the rules and dice for the Normans.
3. I only need to paint around thirty figures.
4. The painting is pretty straightforward, especially on the chainmail figures.
5. I can do some scratchbuilding.
6. There are a couple of existing players up at the club.

I'm still debating whether to go for Normans or something else but, given the timeframe and my existing dice set, the Normans make the most sense. However, as I live in Winchester, the one time capital of Wessex and royal seat of the Anglo Danish kings, I might be tempted to do some huscarls instead. Either way, I'm planning to start on something over the weekend and will forus on a four point warband as the quickest way to get a force on the table.

I'm looking forward to it! 


  1. Sounds absolutely blissful to me, looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labours.

  2. Don't do Normans. Everyone does Normans.
    Real men go Anglo Danish!

    Looking forward to seeing this project unfold.