Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Artizan Arabians

Oh dear...

Not sure what possessed me to get these, apart from my son's latest Tintin book, but I've been thinking about them for a few months and finally took the plunge yesterday.

They are destined for some sort of skirmish type set up, perhaps against my Back of Beyond oil prospecting team or my as yet unpainted Copplestone Turks. They're really nice figures and I'm looking forward to painting them up but they're nowhere near the front of the queue and, for the moment, will be consigned to the ever expanding leadpile.


  1. Now you see I love these and been tempted by them myself, possibly with 'Lawrence' leader! Good luck and looking forward to seeing them progress.

  2. I have a couple of Arab types from Artizan. I was planning a big Indian Jones type Pulp adventure with Afrika Korps, Foreign Legion, British 8th Army, adventurers, Arabs. mummies, high priests etc.

    But jacked it all in!

    I'm now slowly painting them up to flog on E-bay.

  3. Always loved Tintin. Great time for your son. You've got to get the Tintin figure from Copplestone-buy a few and do Tintin in Arab mufti etc. Great for a prospectors scenario. Just like "Land of Black Gold."

  4. These Arabs look perfect, can't wait to see the result!
    Good luck on the paintjob, looking forward to it!

    Greetings Remco