Monday, 21 May 2012

Pike and Shotte

I had the County Inspector for History in on Friday, so was observed teaching a Year 10 lesson and had to go through the usual Ofsted style grilling on GCSE results, residuals, gender gaps, differentiation, curriculum development and so on.

Anyway, it all went very well and the powers that be are, apparently, very happy, so I have rewarded myself with a brand spanking new copy of Pike and Shotte, to use as inspiration for my long planned 28mm early war Cornish solo campaign.

I think I deserve it.


  1. Ahhh, retail therapy, nothing quite like it! I think it's a great book - the rules only take up a third of the pages!

  2. Anyone that gets through a visit from the grey suited goverment auditor types is doing well in my book!
    Well done on your purchase, mine is also currently winging its way over from the UK...

    And anyway, who audits the auditors!

  3. Well done that man; you certainly deserve it in my book. You must let us know what you think as I'm tempted by a bit of a side line and already have considered picking up a copy myself.