Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tribes of Legend

I've been reading about this set of roleplay / skirmish rules on other blogs recently and have had a brief chat about them at the club as well, so I thought I'd find out a bit more by getting a copy, despite the rather cheesy title. 

This was partly due to my nine year old having completed a school history topic on Greek myths and legends over the holidays, for which he got some house points from his teacher and two packs of ebay Foundry  figures, one of harpies and one of gorgons, from me as a reward.

Anyway, I looked on Amazon and found that they were offering the rules for a little over £14, which seemed a fair deal. The rules are actually three in one, with a 'platoon' level unit based system backed up by a set of roleplay style 'squad' level rules for small bands of five figures, finished off by a solo campaign system for individual hero characters.

I have a leaning toward the middle set, which is aptly titled Ancient Heroes, as it would only need a handful of figures to be feasible. I have other things on the go at the moment but might see if I can squeeze in a small band of hoplites, harpies or skeleton warriors, assuming I can find some cheapo figures to convert and paint up on ebay.


  1. Greek myth eh? You'll like what I'm working on then! :-)

    For hoplites whilst I love the Immortal/warlord plastics for phalanxes I'd seriously recommend the Wargames factory plastics for this as well as their excellent skeletons. Top value and good quality.

  2. Sounds like it is going to be a great project. I shall be following with interest.

  3. Looks like you were unable to resist another project...I'm looking forward to giving this a go - particularly the card driven combat system, reds for attack and blacks for defence. There are some tweaks in order, too, so it'll be interesting to hear what you think.

  4. Yes, five figures a side is achievable even for me. I've just started some Amazons!