Sunday, 27 May 2012

Gladiators Finished!

I finished off the bases on the gladiators, the bear and the lion this afternoon as it was too hot to go outside and the garage was nice and cool. This means that I've now completed the gladiators project, although at a slightly scaled down level compared to my initial line up. However, I'm really pleased with the results and hope to add some more figures and terrain to the collection on an 'as and when' basis.


  1. This is such a nice set of gladiators, really quality paint work! I'm very jealous of it, so jealous I insist you leave them to me in your will ;)

  2. Hi, Jim: I saw your post over at TMP. Great job on the painting. Like your style. I've signed up to be a camp follower, so you'll need to add a little more to your food stocks. Later.

  3. Too hot to go outside!!
    I hadn't realised you had left the UK, Jim!
    Nice figures by the way.

  4. Thanks chaps!

    I'll get some pies in.

    ..and some beers.