Monday, 25 June 2012

Adventures in 18mm!

I finally made up my mind about the scale for Adventures in Jimland. About time really. I have all the figures I need for this in 28mm but thought it would be nice to have a change of scale and go for 18mm instead.

I tend to get bogged down more than usual when I paint 28mm stuff and seem to have an ever growing pile of based up figures that have yet to get even a whiff of a paintbrush. I tend to crack on with 15mm, however, as they seem less daunting and I don't get sidetracked by fiddly detailing as much.

The other advantage of 18mm is that it'll tie in with my existing AK47 stuff, so that any terrain that I scratchbuild can be re-used for that as well. I already have several African tribal huts, for example, which will be perfect for a native village.

I also have some 10mm colonial figures and Magister Militum dinosaurs but the humans are so tiddly they lose their identity a bit  compared to the larger scale figures, which isn't really ideal when you're playing a game with roleplay type elements. As a result, I think the 10mm stuff will be diverted for use with Tusk.

So, as a reward for shifting two tons of topsoil from the front to the back graden over the weekend, I've bought myself three packs of Blue Moon 18mm Deep Dark Africa figures. These are the Missionaries and Explorers, the Askaris and the Porters. I've also added a pack of WTNW 18mm French colonial soldiers which were on sale for £1.20 over at Northstar.

This should cover everything I need for my Adventures in Jimland expedition party. I haven't got any natives, hostile tribes or animals yet but I'm sure they can be located without too much trouble. The Copplestone 'Picts' are particularly nice cavemen and I quite like the look of the Blue Moon pygmies, but they'll have to wait until I have a bit more pocket money to spend.

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  1. This is very interesting indeed, especially as I have been stumped over the same thing!

    I bought Adventures in Jimland several months ago (actually probably over a year now!) but have never done anything with it as I was not sure which scale to go for. My natural inclination is towards 28mm for that type of game, but I have promised myself to only start new projects in 15mm now!

    I will be reading your Jimland posts with keen interest!

    Good luck!