Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Iron Cow CDSU Artillery [1]

I really enjoyed painting up the ONESS battlegroup the other week so have decided to dive in and start putting together a CDSU battlegroup from the ground up. I'm starting small and will add extra bits later, so have ordered an artillery battalion of SPG's and MLRS, together with a couple of long range AAA missile carriers. I've also ordered a handful of the new sci fi desert buildings to start my 6mm terrain collection. The extra Renendra bases also turned up today, so it's all systems go as soon as the CDSU models arrive.

My plan is to squeeze these into the painting schedule, some time before the end of July and the start of the holidays. I'm now working on a suitable background for an ONESS - CDSU regional conflict to fit in with the chronology in the Iron Cow 2130AD rules. The current idea is to have an East African clash between the CDSU units in what was Tanzania / Mozambique against a combined ONESS - SAC taskforce, sent in to sieze back mineral assets from the Chinese.

1 comment:

  1. CDSU V ONESS?SAC in Tanzania sounds good. In my experience you may want to consider some kind of randomized hit element as chrome, otherwise some heavy tanks can be invulnerable.