Thursday, 7 June 2012

SAGA Viking Dice

These arrived in the post today from Northstar, so I can now have a play around with the battle board and see how the whole thing works. They're an expensive outlay at £1.50 per die (aaargh!!) but I'm hoping it'll be worth it, given the fact that I'm effectively reducing a small but structurally integral corner of the leadpile. No progress on the figures today, however, as I've been busy with domestic things, but I'm hoping to move them forward tomorrow.


  1. For future dice try blank recessed dice from here:

    combined withthe printout from here:

    Hope that helps,

  2. I thought about making my own dice but in the end it's not worth the bother for the cost of half a dozen figures. it's not like the warband costs a lot to put together after all. So, expensive boutique dice for me all the way :)

  3. I baulked at the price to be honest but then what isn't overpriced these days?

    Still, they do look pretty good and save me all the hassle of printing out and sticking things to little plastic cubes (good links though..thanks :)