Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Iron Cow ONESS AFV's [1]

Way back in January 2011, I decided to have a crack at Iron Cow, with the intial idea being to complete an ONESS English armoured regiment using the Brigade Models range of 1/300th scale AFV's and figures. It didn't get much beyond the planning stage but I did stockpile a few packs of tanks and vehicles, ready for a rainy day.

Anyway, I decided to muck about with the Halfords Camouflage Khaki ultra matt spray that I picked up last week as a trial basecoat for a quick production line style paint up of a sample Apollo tank. This was in between painting up the SAGA vikings this morning. I worked out a simple scheme, which I think looks fine at a respectable distance:

1. Undercoat with the Khaki spray.
2. Wash with 50/50 GW Badab Black and GW Devlan Mud wash, diluted to taste.
3. Drybrush with 50/50 GW Kommando Khaki and GW White.
4. Paint the skirts in GW Codex Grey, highlighted with GW Fortress Grey.
5. Paint the vision block in GW Ice Blue
6. Spray varnish in GW Satin followed by Army Painter Matt.

The bases are from Renedra and were basecoat drybrushed in Foundry Boneyard Shade and three stages on Foundry Base Sand, followed by a wash in diluted Foundry Gryphon Sepia ink. I've started on a basic force of one tank squadron and one artillery battery of MLRS or SPG's, complete with HQ vehicles. If this doesn't take too long, I'll do a second tank squadron and a mech infantry unit as well, along with a regimental HQ. 


  1. Very nice and effective - shared it on the Wessex Games Facebook page! :-)