Thursday, 21 June 2012

Iron Cow East Africa

I found a map of Eastern African political organisations on Wikipedia and have adapted it to the Iron Cow 2103AD geo-political and military setting.

As you can see, the Khallistani League (KL) have occupied what was Egypt and the Sudan but have run up against the South African Commonwealth (SAC), which has occupied the Horn of Africa as a buffer zone against Saudi / Khallistani invasion. This opens up the possibilty of some further forces being added to my collection using Eurofed (Saudi) or Neo-Soviet (KL) equipment.

The SAC has also occupied Madagascar and Mozambique but has run into the CDSU in what was Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. This is where most of the fighting will take place in my campaign, as the CDSU attempts to hold on to it's mineral resources in the region.

There is also an area of disputed territory in former Zimbabwe / Zambia / Malawi, which is under nominal SAC control but is in reality garrisoned by ONESS backed Private Military Contractors, who are able to call on support from an ONESS rapid reaction airmobile battlegroup.

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  1. I really like your map. I had a similar idea.