Monday, 11 June 2012

BKC Aegean Campaign Update

Things are looking pretty good for my Italian general, Commandante Robusto Gorgonzola, in the club BKC Aegean campaign. As intended, the elite X-MAS special forces crippled the Royal Navy in a daring attack on the enemy forward naval base, sinking the heavy cruiser HMS York and damaging several other ships. He's really pleased that this daring attack came off and so will be using the frogmen again as soon as they're read for action.


Commandante Gorgonzola has, as a result, boosted his reputation for aggresive action with the Hungarian and German allied commanders. At the same time, he's managed to humiliate his rival Italian socialist counterpart, winning plaudits and shiny medals from high command back in Rome. The overall result has been to win a slew of political points and some very handy new assets to play with.

Unfortunately, he also hasn't really achieved very much and has now been given a distinct prod by HQ to actually do something other than PR. As a result, he's planning  an impressive if rather limited offensive to occupy the islands immediately adjacent to his base of operations. These are lightly defended by local partisans but Commandante Gongonzola is confident that his staff adjutant, Tenente Bellusconi, will work his magic to big up the opposition in the post-battle press release.

The downside is that I now have to do a rush job on the Italian infantry and tanks, ready for potential deployment next month. I'm not expecting that there will be any significant oppositon but, just in case, I really need to finish off the two regular infantry battalions and some light armour in the form of several tankettes, so that I'm covered for a game next month. This means that the SAGA Vikings will be on hold for a week or so...

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  1. Congratulazioni, Commandante! But if your nose could only be removed long enough from Il Duce's backside to take in the victories achieved by the glorious Generale Dunkino Donutos!!! Socialist? Pah!