Thursday, 7 June 2012

Iron Cow ONESS AFV's [2]

I whizzed through this lot yesterday and, despite the dodgy photos, they look not too bad. I'll need to find a way of showing the individual troops and squadrons but I think I have a possible approach that might work and not be too obvious. If I get the time today, I'll clean up another small unit and crack on, perhaps some mech infantry APC's or a light tank recce troop.

I'm also thinking about potential opposition as I don't think I'll find an opponent at the club so will be going solo. I quite like the CDSU models and the SAC wheeled vehicles but might go for New Soviets, as they have some cool artillery units and a good range of stuff. How this fits in with the Iron Cow background I don't know, so I'll have to do some reading up.


  1. CDSU are stated in the book. SAC and Neo-Sovs aren't but if you need the vehicle stats I do have them, Steve

  2. Thanks Steve,

    I have a print out of stats for the SAC and Neo Sovs from the Brigade site somewhere, so I should be OK.

    I'm thinking of CDSU kit for some client state in N or E Africa. That way I could have SAC forces teamed up with the ONESS units, as some sort of regional conflict?