Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ronin [2]

I cleaned up and based the Koryu buntai this afternoon, using the old Citadel figures that I've gathered together over the years. The buntai includes seven katana wielding figures, a single yumi equipped figure and a no-dachi wielding female shugyosha, who may or may not be included in the final line up. 

Despite their vintage, the figures look really good together, even if they're not up to the anatomically correct standards of the Perry range. No pictures yet I'm afraid, as I don't have the camera with me, but it's on to the bandit buntai tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll be working out the points values for the Koryu buntai, so that I have some idea of their format.

Postscript: after actually reading the rules it seems that Koryu are not allowed to have armour, which wipes out half the buntai, unless I turn a blind eye. Not a problem, as what's left is still viable points wise and the armoured figures can be used as additions to the Samurai buntai or as Ronin for the Bandit buntai.

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  1. Those figurines are old but nice, "old style". I own a pair myself.
    I have to ready my old DIXON ones...