Friday, 21 February 2014

Ronin [4]

I cleaned up and based the Bandit buntai this afternoon. This consists of four Rank 1 unarmoured bandits with katana, one Rank 2 unarmoured Gashira with naginata, one Rank 2 unarmoured Gashira with yumi and one Rank 3 leader with katana, yumi and medium armour. The leader has the option of just having a katana or a full on suit of armour, as I have a couple of suitable figures to match. 

The leader and one of the Gashira also get an attribute, probably the relevant bujitsu. All together this lot adds up to between 110 and 113 points, which is a bit lightweight, so they also get to hire out a Ronin that I based up the other day adding another 30 points or so to the total. If I can, I'm going to find some extra basic bandits or some peasants to up the numbers and allow me to add at least one more Rank 2 figure to the gang and a second Ronin.

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