Sunday, 23 February 2014

Japanese Jungle Outpost [3]

We got back from Cornwall late yesterday but I did have time to glue on the thatch for the watchtower and huts. Today, I've finished them off along with the fuel dump that I improvised last weekend. For the moment, the outpost is finished, although I have plans for some more fieldworks and barbed wire defences, using some more Snapdragon trenches and a bit of scratchbuilding.

I now have to get started on the assembly of the plastic and metal Japanese force for Chain of Command, leaving the terrain side of things for a later split in the schedule. I'm going to start on the first section of infantry tomorrow, which will be a dry run for the rest of the platoon. I'm also going to be completing the last three units of the AK47 Army, if I can blitz them over the next couple of weeks, so that the whole thing is wrapped up before Easter.


  1. They look great altogether like that, wonderful stuff.

  2. Very nice - though I don't need the temptation!