Sunday, 16 February 2014

Japanese Jungle Outpost [2]

The watchtower arrived yesterday, so I assembled it and set about painting it up straight away. I also found an old Snapdragon resin machine gun nest that I knew I had in a box somewhere, so that was thrown in along with a scratch built fuel dump made from some barrels left over from my Back of Beyond project.

Today, I painted up the tower, the bunker and the two huts that I put together during the week, leaving the fuel dump for another rainy day. I managed to almost complete the various things but didn't get round to the thatching on the tower or the huts, so this will have to be tackled later on. 

It's all a bit rushed but at least I'm getting something done for a change!


  1. Very nice :)
    Can't help whistling Colonel Bogey...
    Any plans for a bridge...?

  2. A superb advert for the company that produce these, the colours look great. Look forward to seeing the scratch built fuel dump.

  3. I compliment you both on your scenery and on your paintpot arranging!

  4. The more I see of that tower the more I think I want one; great job.

  5. Thanks Chaps,

    They are very nice kits and easy to put together.

    ...I've been thinking of scratchbuilding a bridge using barbecue skewers, balsa and coffee stirrers?

    ...the Chindits have to have something to blow up after all!