Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bolt Action Game

Despite having no car and with thanks to Mike for a lift, I was able to get up to the club this evening for another game of Bolt Action, with my US platoon against Mike's SS and Heer. We made the most of Mike's extensive collection of mdf terrain, setting up a village crossroad somewhere in the Rhineland, using the Hold until Relieved scenario from the rulebook. 

In the end, it was a bit of a debacle for the Yanks, who made some poor tactical moves and wasted their heavy weapons support. The Germans, by way of contrast, made excellent use of their assault capabilities and used their armour and artillery to good effect. I did have some truly awful dice rolls but that's no excuse for a pretty ropey performance overall.

I remain to be convinced by Bolt Action, although I do like the dice based order system and the scale of the game. Some of the mechanics seem a bit clunky, however, with a few whacky outcomes that can't be just down to dodgy dice rolls. I suppose my biggest issue is that it doesn't' feel quite right, for some indeterminate reason?


  1. Nice looking game, beautiful pictures...love the buildings!