Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ronin [3]

I sat down and sorted out the figures I based up yesterday, with some intensive number crunching to add up the totals for the various buntai that I have in mind. The Koryu work out at four figures, two Rank 3 Kohai, one Rank 4 Senpai and one Rank 5 Sensei, giving a decent overall total of 106 points. If I add the Shugyosha 'sword for hire' I can boost the total to a respectable 146, so enough for a reasonable length game.

The remaining figures that I've based up will be used as a self contained band of Ronin, ready to hire out to my Bandits or to the Samurai. This lot consists of two Rank 3 ronin with katana and light armour, one Rank 3 Ronin with katana and medium armour and one Rank 4 Senior Ronin with yumi and medium armour, for a total of 88 points. The last figure will also be used as a Samurai, when I deploy them as a buntai in their own right.

Next up will be the Samurai or Bandit buntai, one of which I'm hoping to clean and base by the end of the day.

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