Monday, 17 February 2014

Ronin [1]

We were supposed to be off to Cornwall today but the car is in the garage with an oil leak, so won't be going anywhere until later in the day at the earliest. We're waiting for a phone call from the garage to tell us if it's fixed or not, so everything is on hold until then.

As it looks like our holiday will be cut short, I'm not going to take the Warlord Japanese with me but will instead be packing a box of Foundry Samurai for Ronin, which won't take long to clean up and base. 

I may also take the Northstar Sohei box set that I got at Colours last year as an alternative starter buntai, although I do prefer the old Aly Morrison citadel figures over the modern style figures in the Northstar 'official' range.


  1. I have a few 'Ronin' bits on the shelf... Also, predictably, got the 4Ground buildings (!). I'm thinking about heading East shortly...

  2. Cool.

    We'll have to combine forces!