Saturday, 15 March 2014

10mm Aliens APC

I popped into the local charity shop this morning on the way back from the newsagent and was lucky enough to spot a bag of micro machines including two M577 APC's. These are roughly 10mm in scale and are slightly bigger than the metal APC from Pendraken. They need a bit of tidying up and a paint job but are really nice models.

I have an army pack for Aliens by Pendraken that I bought at Warfare a couple of years ago, so was very pleased to find these two AFV's. I don't have any of the new USCM figures yet, having abandoned the old chunky figures that came with the army pack, so have ordered some of the new marines from Pendraken to use as bughunters.

I originally planned to use the army pack for Future War Commander but I've gone off the rules in a big way after having endured BKC for several months in the club WW2 Aegean campaign. The alternative will probably be FUBAR which has the advantage of being free and very simple, so right up my intellectual street.

A quick mini-project for a wet weekend!

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