Monday, 10 March 2014

NEWSFLASH - Bana Soto troops enter Mbote border zone (Reuters)

From our correspondent on the Mbote - Bana Soto border

In a pre-emptive operation the Army of Bana Soto (ABS) has occupied the border zone between Mbote and Bana Soto, taking control of key crossing points on the Wajuba river including the Takuma bridge.

As yet there has been no military action by the Mbote Defence Force (MDF) or the Mbote Peoples Volunteer Army (PVA), with units of border guards and the local militias withdrawing to areas of high ground above the river in the face of the advancing Bana Soto troops.

There has been no further clarification or information from either the government of Bana Soto or that of Mbote but recent tension between the two countries has clearly spilled over into a potential armed confrontation.

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