Tuesday, 18 March 2014

10mm Aliens Terrain

I've narrowed down the search for some cheap and cheerful terrain for the Aliens project. I was planning to scratch build some colony buildings but, in the meantime, I'll use these very inexpensive and straightforward 10mm card models, which I can print out and assemble without the need to re-scale down from 28mm. I also have some resin scatter terrain from The Scene which I can spread around as hard cover for the USCM to defend.


  1. I guess you are not aware of this following link. This is to a bunch of 1/148th scale (roughly 10mm) Aliens vehicles and buildings. Unfortunately, it has not been updated for over 4 years, so I am guessing the rest of the buildings will not be available.

    I have not tried assembling them myself yet, but they look between being easy to hard depending on the model.

    I hope this helps for your project.


    Sapper Joe

  2. Sorry, I meant to give you this link instead as it is sort of hard to navigate around on the above link. This one takes you to the 1/148th models specifically.