Sunday, 30 March 2014

SAGA Vikings [8]

As you can probably tell, the last couple of weeks have been a total washout as far as wargaming is concerned, largely due to an avalanche of marking and report writing at work. I just haven't had the time to paint anything, let alone do any gaming at the club. Things are easing off a bit now, however, so I'll be up at the club for a game on Tuesday.

This means that the SAGA Vikings are still in their basic undercoat bar a little drybrushing, although I have cleaned up and based the last unit of bondi spearmen to fill out the full six points. I have also ordered a pack of Artizan bondi archers to mix in with the Foundry archers that I already have, to form an add on unit of missile levy.

I'll try to get some painting done today but doubt I'll get anywhere near finishing anything by the end of the week, when we're heading off to France for half term.

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