Wednesday, 12 March 2014

AK47 Colonial Settlers v. Dictatorship Game

We had another enjoyable game of old fashioned AK47 yesterday with a marginal victory for Mbote over the Bana Soto colonial settlers. It was a bit one sided at times but, in the end, the colonial settlers managed to hold on by the skin of their teeth, despite a distinct lack of reinforcements and some dodgy dice rolls. The dictatorship players, on the other hand, managed to dominate the game with their numerical advantage in units but only held one objective at the end of the game.


  1. Great looking stuff there.

  2. Great looking game there and I've been enjoying the other write-ups!

    You should consider setting up a blog just for this, just for the AARs and the 'Breaking News' posts. The modelling and similar bits could stay on here, but 'showcasing' your AK-47 games and their 'fluff' on their own blog would look quite impressive.

  3. Thanks chaps,

    I may well start up a blog for the club campaign in a couple of months time...nice idea!

  4. In a club campaign there's even more potential input... get your fellow players to add their two pennorth' worth of propaganda from their faction's point of view too!