Friday, 21 March 2014

Judge Dredd Dino Rampage

After the Judge Dredd game the other day, I remembered an article in the last Warlord Games newsletter which revolved around dinosaurs rampaging through the Cursed Earth. This looks like a lot of fun and will enable me, at no extra expense, to put together some prehistoric opposition for Mike's team of judges using my extensive collection of  plastic dinosaurs.
These have been gathering dust since the last Saurian Safari game a couple of years ago, so it's about time I put them to good use. I'm even tempted to add some nice scenic bases to a select few and possibly do a bit of a re-paint. Anyway, the article is available on the Warlord Games site, including all the stats and a basic scenario: 


  1. Rumor is out that these Dino-Beasts like the taste of Bana Soto troops.

  2. I saw this too... it does look like a rematch is on the cards :)