Saturday, 8 March 2014

NEWSFLASH - Banga B'oum condemns Bana Soto bomb plot (Reuters)

From our correspondent in  Mboteville

In a strongly worded press statement today, the President of Mbote, Colonel Banga B'oum, condemned an alleged plot by Bana Soto secret agents to destabilize peace talks between Mbote and Bana Soto. A bomb blast rocked the opening ceremony in Gombo yesterday, leading to the assassination of President Dr Kenko Gold of Zumata, who was acting as a third party mediator in the negotiations.

In response to these allegations, the President of Bana Soto, Washington Deesee, rejected any responsibility for the explosive hor d'oeuvres and pinned the blame for the fatal blast firmly on Mbote sponsored anti-Bana Soto factions. In a press statement, President Deesee claimed that Mbote was deliberately undermining the peace talks in an attempt to provoke a cross-border clash between the two rival nations.

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