Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bag the Hun Russian Front [4]

There's been a change of plan for the Bag the Hun game in a couple of weeks time. The original plan was to run a multiplayer game for four to six players but this has now been changed to two seperate games of four players each due to so many wanting to take part. Luckily, I'll only have to run one of them, as another Bag the Hun umpire has stepped forward to run the second table, which will be a IJN versus USN game. Thanks Mike!
I will now scale back my scenario plans and painting schedule to focus on one game only, with a swap over of players half way through the evening. I've decided to write a fictional escort mission scenario, with the Luftwaffe FW190's of JG54 escorting a lone Henschel HS126* to a forward air strip, delivering a vital piece of radar equipment or some such. The opposition will consist of a squadron of La5-FN's of a yet to be decided VVS unit, which will attempt to shoot it down.
I'll need some 1/300th scale flak defences and some ground vehicles to represent the airstrip but otherwise everything I need is already either painted or on the workbench. I'll keep the flak rules easy, using the simple approach on p42 of the rulebook or the Lazy Anti-Aircraft Formula, which should make it a smoother game to run. I'll also have to work out some special rules of some sort for the STOL capabilities of the HS126, write out a briefing sheet and make up some turn cards.

Lots to get on with then!

*ideally this would be Storch as the HS126 was out of frontline service by 1943 but I haven't got one and the Henschel is a really neat little model, so it would be a shame not to use it.

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