Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bag the Hun Game Plans

It's been a while since the last club Bag the Hun game and, as I'm absolutely swamped with work at the moment, I've been thinking about running something at the end of the month. This will at least give me something to plan, prepare for and look forward to. I've been meaning to get the Japanese for Chain of Command started this week but haven't even had time to open the box!.
Anyway it'll probably be a North Africa ground strafing scenario set sometime in 1941, with 80 or 74 squadron Hurricanes up against Bf109F's. I have the aircraft for this and the club has invested in a nice new desert hex mat, so all I need is a scenario (or two) and some targets to blow up. I have a couple of historical scenarios in mind but it may just be a 'typical' ground strafing engagement, with lots of flak and at very low level.

I've also been thinking of an Eastern Front game as an alternative to the usual Battle of Britain, Malta or NW Europe games that I've organised in the past. This would involve painting up some mid to late-war Soviet aircraft if I can find the time, with my existing FW190's as the opposition. This would also be a ground strafing game, using the club green field hex mat rather than my usual blue one.
It's all a bit tentative at the moment but, hopefully, I'll get something sorted by the end of June.

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