Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bag The Hun Russian Front [10]

I've made a couple of changes to the scenario briefing after a bit of further reading on Operation Bagration, with the Fw190/A8's now appearing as fighter bomber Fw190/F8's of I/SG10, which was based near Bobruisk in June 1944.
This means that I'll have to change the performance ratings for the Fw190/F8 to reflect the removal of the wing mounted 20mm cannon and the weight of the extra cockpit armour, but I'll probably just use the stats of the Fw190A4/U1 variant in the Bag the Hun 2 data tables as a quick fix.

The Soviets have been downgraded as well, with a single Zveno of four La5-FN in place of the original six fighters, which seemed a little excessive. To give the VVS an edge, I've upgraded the Zveno Leader to a Junior Ace, in place of his opposite number and have uprated the pilots to regular or veteran status.
I've also knocked together some basic but functional turn cards for the game, using the templates that I already had and some judicious use of the shapes function in WORD. They're nothing special but once laminated and cut out, they'll be more than adequate for the game.
I may well put together a flashy set of cards, if I have the time, but the priority now is to finish painting the Fw189-A2 and the La5-FN's, which are about half to three quarters of the way there. I only need a minimum of four Soviet fighters, so it should be a relatively straightforward job to get them done.

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