Monday, 23 June 2014

Luftwaffe Fighter Ace

I'm reading this at the moment on the Kindle and it's pretty good, although I've only completed the first couple of chapters thus far. It's good material for potential scenarios and well worth the miminal cost. There are a number of similar first hand accounts by Luftwaffe veterans, so I have plenty of inspiration for the on-going Russian Front project.
I think I'll be focussing on a squadron of mid-late war Bf109G's for the Russian Front as my next Bag the Hun painting exercise, using the lovely Museum Miniatures models that I got in the Bring and Buy at Colours last year. For the Soviets, I need to finish the last of the La5-FN's and then add some Il-2's, along with some Tu-2 light bombers.
All this will happen...just not quite yet!

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