Thursday, 26 June 2014

TFL Summer Special 2014

This will be out very soon and it includes a trio of scenarios for Bag the Hun based on the Malta games that I ran at the club last year. The TFL chaps have done a splendid job turning my back of a fag packet scribbles into full colour, glossy scenario briefings, which makes them look really good.
The other articles in this edition are also really interesting, especially the ones for Chain of Command which include army lists and rules variations for the Chindits. All in all, it's extremely good value for your hard earned pocket money and perfect for reading on your Summer holiday!


  1. Congrats. I look forward to these.

  2. Thanks Chris,

    This really is a great special, my humble efforts notwithstanding!


  3. Great scenarios. Gotta dig in my lead pile now!