Thursday, 19 June 2014

On the Seven Seas Pre-order


There's some good deals on the up and coming set of pirate rules by Osprey over at Northstar, although I've just gone for the basic rulebook as I have hordes of pirate figures to choose from in the leadpile. I do get a bonus figure with the pre-order but, as this is a pet monkey, it probably won't be very useful.
The rules blurb suggests that the usual 'faction' size is around sixteen figures, so I think I already have enough painted up to form my crew. A handful more or even a second crew might make it onto the workbench over the holidays, with the distinct possibility that I might do a 'native' faction using my Darkest Africa tribal figures, which have been sitting in a box ready to paint for ages.
Talking of which, Artizan have some relatively new Tirailleurs Senegallaise figures in their March or Die range, so I've ordered a command pack and a pack of soldiers for my In the Heart of Africa  French expedition. I really should get round to doing this sometime in the not too distant future, as it's been hanging around for a long time.
It's the Japanese for Chain of Command first though....


  1. Hello Jim I have enjoyed reading your Great Game blogs ! It's been a lot of fun to see the items and games you have done so well! I'm an old teacher of Hist. and an old soldier that got very Sick in a Army Chemical Spill :-( I don't rest well at night so have loved reading all your neat Wargame Blogs ( we do many of the same games) it's been very fun to hear your Xmas stories the most I think . I also have a French Wife lol . I do hope to see that Sub you got for Vic. Sci-Fi some time I could not find a pic of it :-( If you have one please let me know where to look . Thank you and God Bless from Grey in Va. the USA/CSA

  2. Good to hear that you like what I've been up to!