Monday, 11 April 2016

Back of Beyond Campaign Four

I've decided to run another Back of Beyond campaign at the club, starting in June and running through to the end of the year. I spread the word and have managed to get about six players signed up for the campaign, some veterans of the previous outings and others new to the whole thing, which is a really good turn out. I'm hoping to rope in one or two more to make the numbers up to a round eight, which would make the whole thing easier to run and ensure that most people get a game each turn. I'll have to twist some arms but I'm sure they can be 'persuaded'.

The various factions include a French and a British dinosaur hunting expedition, the Japanese, the White Russians, the Mad Baron himself and my American oil prospectors, assuming I don't complete the Turks on time. There may also be a Bolshevik force that I will lend out to a player who doesn't have any army to use. It would be nice to have a Chinese Warlord as well but it looks like he'll be missing out this time round. As a result, I'm seriously thinking about postponing the Turkish army and quickly putting together a Chinese Warlord one instead, just to keep things interesting for the campaign. I still have a couple of months to get this sorted but it may be a bit of a rush!


  1. I've just finished "Laurence in Arabia" by Scott Anderson which recounted some of the exploits of William Yale, an agent for Standard Oil in the Middle East. Interesting stuff!

  2. Thanks for the efforts you are putting into it Jim

    Colin N

  3. No problem Colin. Look forward to seeing the Whites in action!

    I'll have to read up on William Yale...very interesting stuff indeed!

  4. Sounds like fun! Wish we had enough people playing in my area to do the same. Best of luck!