Friday, 22 April 2016

Campaign Cancelled

I've reluctantly decided to shelve the Back of Beyond campaign until next year. This is due to a Black Powder ECW multiplayer campaign that is about to start at the club, which means that there will be too many games to run each month, especially as there are several players in both. There are also some problematic communication issues with the club Yahoo group site, which really need to be resolved before I get anything off the ground. The Back of Beyond campaign will happen but just not in the next six months or so. I'll still be continuing with some related things including figures, terrain and models, with some one off Back of Beyond games on the cards in the not too distant future. 


  1. On the plus side... that's some time for me to put something together I could join in with :)

  2. And some time for me to make some decent terrain.

  3. Bad news! I'd rather play in a BoB campaign than ECW if it's a choice between them?