Sunday, 3 April 2016

VBCW reboot?

I've been thinking about rebooting my old VBCW project recently, for no other reason than it's almost complete and wouldn't take much effort to finish off. I have a BUF platoon of two ten man squads, an HMG, command and vehicles plus some coppers, all of which are painted and ready for use.

I also have a larger platoon of communist militia which just need a lick of paint and some base texturing to be finished. I also fancy adding some more ad-hoc armoured vehicles to the reds, probably using some diecast conversions of Days Gone By lorries. It's about a weekends worth of work to do, if such a thing as a free weekend exists, so definitely do-able. 

I just need a set of rules to use, with Bolt Action as a possibility that wasn't around at the time I originally put the project together. I wonder what people use for VBCW skirmish games these days? I may take a look at Went the Day Well from Solway, which is designed for just this sort of thing.


  1. What a coincidence! One of my (many) current projects is VBCW - I'm putting together a force of armed miners & recently bought 'Went the Day Well'; you're welcome to borrow them to see what you think

  2. Thanks Colin..definitely thinking of getting a copy of WTDW after reading some online reviews. When you've assembled your miners I'd been happy to take them on with my fascists and coppers.

  3. I use WTDW and CoC, both give good games, although the former is more in keeping with the atmosphere of VBCW.