Thursday, 28 April 2016

Back of Beyond Chinese Warlord Army [1]

A complete change of tack today, as I've decided that I'm going to shelve the Turks for the moment and start on a Chinese Warlord army instead. This isn't as big a shift as I initially thought, as I have pretty much everything I need in terms of figures, artillery and vehicles already and I can use my existing labourer unit as Chinese Bandit allies. I can also re-use the Chahar Mongol irregular cavalry that I'm basing up for my oil prospector expedition.

I've made the change so that the club campaign background will be both more coherent and easier to develop, whilst allowing me to do what I most enjoy, converting and scratch building things into armoured trains, baggage elements and other unusual stuff. As it's a bank holiday weekend I'm planning to get started straight away on basing up a couple of infantry units, a machine gun and a heavy mortar, with some 'special units' and vehicles to follow.

A bit radical but it makes a lot of sense (to me at least!).


  1. Hope it goes well Jim - at least you don't have to buy a lot for it!

  2. Thanks. I had a lot of stuff left over from my old Japanese army and had also picked up quite a bit via eBay when I first started on BoB years ago. Helps to keep it down to a reasonable cost and shifts some of the lead pile!

  3. Looking forward to this with figures from a period you don't often see! Good luck and have fun!