Saturday, 16 April 2016

Back of Beyond Turkish Army [6]

I got quite a lot of basing up done today, although I still have a couple of units to go to complete the Turkish expeditionary force ready for painting. I've completed the basing on a unit of twelve infantry and a unit of nine Circassian cavalry. These look like Cossacks, which is pretty much what they are, although they originated from the Caucasus and were usually Muslim. They were employed by the Turks in very much the same way that the Cossacks were used by the Russians and there's even a Circassian elite guard in the Jordanian army today.

The other addition is a single character figure of the Mullah, who can be attached to the Turkish force in the Back of Beyond campaign rules. The Mullah gives a morale boost to the army for the first four turns of the game, so that they can ignore all morale tests, which is potentially quite useful if a little deranged. The figure is an old Foundry Arab from the Darkest Africa range sculpted by Mark Copplestone, with an added Mauser pistol from a Bolshevik heroine glued on to bring him up to date. I'll have to think of a better name for him though, apart from just 'The Mad'?


  1. Nice collection. The "Mad" Mullah is too evocative a name, but The "I Just Get these Headaches, okay?" Mullah is just silly!

  2. Reading some articles in the Daily Mail might give a few ideas...?

  3. My Grandad dropped Cooper bombs on the Fakir of Ipi and the Wali of Swat...