Thursday, 14 April 2016

Back of Beyond Expedition Extras [8]

I've decided that the Back of Beyond Dinosaur Hunter army needs a bit of a boost, based on the collective experience of those of us at the club who have forces built using this particular list. The weakness of the Dinosaur Hunter force is in the lack of any field artillery other than that provided by the 'proper' armoured car, which is often the first thing to be knocked out by the enemy as an obvious bullet magnet. Once this has been destroyed, the only option remaining is to close assault any armoured vehicles with bombs (which is not to be recommended as you can see, with my White Russians failing dismally to knacker the British Museum's finest Rolls Royce!).

As a result and after some consultation with the players concerned, I've decided to allow the expeditions to have a single mountain gun or light infantry gun, which should even things up a bit but not too much. In the rules, these light artillery pieces have a reduced range of 40'' or 24'' in an anti-tank role, with the ability to fire in the turn after they have moved, so they're pretty useful but not at the cost of unbalancing the list. It also matches the spirit of the lightly equipped expedition list, being the sort of thing they might have picked up along the way or knocked together from various bits. This means that I now need a mountain gun for my Texan oil prospector expedition, so I had a rummage and came up with this.

The gun is an old Force of Arms Schneider 65mm mountain gun model that I originally got bought for my VBCW project. It's a bit basic but is just right for the job. The figures are Copplestone White gun crew, which match the ragged white infantry that are employed by my force as mercenary troops, although they are a little less tatty. I'll have to make them look suitably scruffy when I paint them up. I did experiment with some Artizan cowboy figures as gun crew and may still create an alternative base for the gun itself but, for the moment, the White Russians will do, even if the shell being loaded is a bit too big for the gun!

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