Tuesday, 12 April 2016

First Corp Peugeot AC

How cool is that!
I was browsing the First Corp web shop thing and spotted this really cool Peugeot AC armoured car with 37mm gun, which I decided on the spot had to be included in the Back of Beyond arsenal. It may end up as an alternative armoured car for my oil explorers, in place of the usual Garford-Putilov, complete with some head swaps on the crew to turn them into Texan 'wildcatters'. It wouldn't be as powerful as the Garford-Putilov but would look really good alongside my diecast AC Mack trucks.

The other option would be to use it with my Turkish army, instead of the Erhardt armoured car, although the army list would have to be bent slightly. The Turks did have similar unarmoured machine gun cars in the First World War, so it wouldn't be too far off to let the Turks have an up-armoured version? It reckon it's a good 70 points worth due to the 37mm gun, so only slightly more expensive than the Erhardt but packing a definitely more powerful punch.

There are a shed load of other really excellent 1/48th scale WW1 armoured vehicles on the First Corp site which would be perfect for the Back of Beyond:


  1. Cool, very cool, you're right!

  2. Lovely range of vehicles indeed. This one is my favorite, maybe because is from Belgium! ;-)



  3. Cool! I have a sneaky suspicion that an FT17 might jump in my bag at Salute!

    Enjoyed the BoB last night Jim, shame you couldn't make it. Need to get more horses for my Whites tho ...

    Colin N

  4. Glad you enjoyed the game Colin. I don't have any cavalry at all but the Whites get to use Cossacks, which is a big plus! I'd be tempted to get a Mark IV/V tank, if you can find one, as they pack more punch. Warbases do an mdf kit of a Mark I which would do the job? If you do get an FT17 I'd go for the one with the 37mm gun...very handy.