Monday, 20 September 2010

BKC2 Italian Battlegroup [1]

I've had a think about the North Africa Italian battlegroup for BKC2 and have decided to start with a medium tank battalion, as it's a decent sized unit but not too tricky to paint up. In 1942, the battalion organisation would consist of three companies of three platoons each plus a battalion HQ.

At a one base equals one platoon ratio, this would give me nine tanks, plus an HQ base of a command tank and officer figures, motorcycle dispatch riders or whatever else looks good. In the Pendraken packs I have a grand total of twelve M13/40's and three M13/40 command tanks, so I can easily cater for a full battalion with the option of a second at a later date.

This lot would give me a good starting force of 570 points, plus the 90 for the CO stand that I will be sorting out later on.

I'm going to tackle these in one go, cleaning and basing the tanks then undercoating them in black, as this seemed to work well on the 12mm ARVN AFV's. Although I could undercoat in white and use washes, which would work well for the desert camouflage on the tanks, I think my conventional drybrush over black will work fine.

I'm going to start on these this week and hope to wrap them up by the end of the month.

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